Love of Imam Ali (a.s.) and other Roots of Religion

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Even if the entire mankind wishes to make someone as the possessor of all merits to their highest level other than the divine prophets, they will not be able to find anyone eligible for this position. Rather it will not be wrong to say that this it is not possible to find any divine prophet who possesses all the merits to their perfection. But the personality of Ali b. Abi Talib (a.s.) is the sole personality who is the possessor of all the merits and even the prophets envy this great status.

As soon as the name of Ali (a.s.) is heard, the faces of his lovers blossom, their eyes glow and hearts become happy. Ali’s (a.s.) name is like an oasis in the desert. The love of Ali is the greatest bounty from Allah to a believer and it is this same bounty, whose remembrance has been considered as worship by the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.). How is it possible that a believer remembers Ali (a.s.) but is forgetful of Allah’s remembrance.

The love of Ali leads to valor. Valor makes a person brave to such an extent that the person does fear anybody except his Lord. Fear of God invites a person to treat the path of truth and truth is with Ali (a.s.). If someone recognized truth then he recognized Ali and he attained salvation. One who did not reach to Ali was deviated from the truth and deprived of paradise.

On the day of Ghadeer, those who accepted Ali’s (a.s.) mastership and along with paying allegiance also congratulated him at the perfection of religion and the completion of bounties, but remained far from the truth for not having his love in their hearts and stayed away from Ali (a.s.) were lost in the valleys of deviation and hell is their everlasting abode.

When they let go of the truth, justice slipped out of their hands and its place was taken by injustice. Divine Unity without Divine Justice has no meaning. Prophethood becomes futile and Day of Judgment had no value. In the absence of religion, even divine revelation seemed like a prophetic farce.

When an oppressor oppresses, love disappears and hatred is born. This leads to calls of abuses from the pulpits resulting in the disappearance of faith from the hearts. When there will be malice against the “Kulle Imaan”, then there shall not be an iota in the hearts. On the other hand, as oppression and tyranny increases on the oppressed, his love for his beloved increases.

Ali (a.s.) is the distributor of the heaven and hell. One who remains attached to him will have a successful hereafter and the one who abandons him will face loss in this world and the hereafter. No prayers or supplications will benefit him and he will not be saved from divine chastisement. Allah has only exempted those from His chastisement who have taken shelter in the fort of Ali’s (a.s.) mastership.

What will be the end of those who only claim to love Ali (a.s.), just like one sided love. How will they go in the presence of Ali’s (a.s.) last son, the Imam of the Time (a.s.)?

May Allah guide such people.


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