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Celebrations: A Sunnah, not Bidah – Part II

Reading Time: 6 minutes The concept of festivals and commemoration in the Holy Quran.. continued from part I Reflecting upon the verses, we find commemorations are considered as virtuous actions in Quran. This has been confirmed and recommended by Quran: (1) The Place of Ibrahim (a.s.) Allah, the High, instructs: Take ‘Maqaame Ibraahim’ as a place of payer. Allah – […]

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Celebrations: A Sunnah, not Bidah – Part I

Reading Time: 5 minutes Love and mastership (Wilayat) and expression of displeasure (Bara’at) are the cornerstones of Islamic teachings. We understand the meaning of empowering goodness and prohibiting evil from them. These were the aims of Imam Husain‘s (a.s.) martyrdom. Who is more unfortunate than a Muslim who neither understands the concepts of wilayat and bara’at nor acts upon […]

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Wilayat and Bara’at

Reading Time: 4 minutes It is interesting that in any topic or situation, opposites and contradictions are not given the same position. For example justice and oppression, good and evil etc. Islam too has considered only one of the two as accepted and not both. Justice is acceptable, oppression is not. Goodness is appreciated, evil is disliked. But Wilayat […]

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